Puppy cuddling with a stuffed animal: Why does he do it?

Learn why they love stuffed animals and have this kind of behavior!


Dogs love a stuffed animal so much that they sleep with it and take it everywhere. However, is there anything to worry about if you see a dog crossing a stuffed animal?

Pets can exhibit a variety of behaviors that irritate or embarrass their trainers. The dog crossing a stuffed animal in front of family and friends is one example of this.


This is a behavior that frustrates trainers to make the pet understand that it should not behave this way. To help, we will explain why the dog mounts on people and objects.

Reasons why the dog does the mount


Anyone who has had a lot of dogs at home must have noticed that puppies often mount each other. These young animals should not behave in this way for sexual reasons. So what could it be?

Mounting due to stress and frustration

Stress and anxiety are the causes that professionals most commonly point to as a reason for a dog to cross a stuffed animal, especially in situations where the furry one has no control. It can happen when someone tries to force him to do something he doesn’t want to, for example, during training.

Separation anxiety is also a very common reason. Dog trainers who used to stay at home all day are now absent from the dogs’ point of view. This allows the pets to take out their frustration on objects.

Mounting due to lack of socialization

Puppies that are separated from their litter too early do not learn to respect boundaries through play and may develop the habit of mounting on other animals or objects.

Riding for excitement

A ride because excitement occurs mainly in agitated and hyperactive dogs that do not engage in physical activities and distractions. Thus, he uses the beloved stuffed animal to satisfy this need.

Riding for sexual reasons

Sexual mounting is a natural behavior in animals. In males, it occurs after puberty. In females, it usually happens during the hot season. Since they cannot mate with a mate, they use the stuffed kitten.

How to solve the problem of mating in dogs

To inhibit mating behavior, simply scolding or punishing the dog is not enough. This only makes the animal more and more repressed, which can reinforce the behavior. If you know the reason for the behavior, you can help the animal more easily.

Prevention is better than cure

Although it is a cliché, prevention is better than cure. Since stress can trigger an increase in behavior, it is highly recommended to engage in daily activities that distract and entertain the pet. Providing toys is also a good option.

Leaving the puppy with his littermates until he is 60 days old is important so that he learns the rules of living together and does not become stressed with other animals and people.

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