05 Great Tips and Tricks for Cat Owners

Learn some tricks and know how to please your cat


For those of you who are cat lovers! Let’s replicate a list full of creative tricks and also inexpensive tips to improve your kitty’s life (and avoid unwanted accidents).

So check it out in this text and then thank us for getting lots of affection from your pet!

Protect the wires


Electrical wires are very dangerous, but they can be inrresistible for your cat. That is why it is important to remove them from his eyes or wrap them with tubes from the hardware store or double-sided tape (this way he doesn’t like it because it is sticky).

Place a perch on the window


If your cat likes to see what’s going on outside the house, it’s worth putting up a perch so he can do this whenever he wants! You can build it out of an old tray and a pillow and nail it to the level of your window (be sure to keep it tightly closed so he doesn’t jump out).

Wrap thin ropes around everything!

You probably already know this: cats scratch everything. And it doesn’t matter if you have a scratcher, he will scratch your sofa, bed, chairs and everything in front of him.

So our tip is to tie thin ropes to the legs of all the furniture he can get his nails into. Besides preventing damage, you also change the decoration of your home.

Get a tree branch for climbing

Use a real tree branch inside your house, this will make your kitty feel like a real adventurer. Wrap the branch with a rope for him to climb on and play with at will. Be careful with very fragile pieces, your cat could get hurt.

Brush his fur once a day

Hair on the floor, on the carpet, on clothes, sometimes even in the food and in the mouth, especially if your little friend is hairy. The idea then is to brush the animal at least once a day. He will love this!

And to easily clean the fur, you can use a rubber glove!

Lanna K.

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