5 best species to have at home as pets

If you are looking for a bird that is ideal as a pet, see this post for the best birds to have at home.


If you are thinking of adopting a pet at home, know that birds are a good option, because their colors and the song of some birds can be very interesting. The variety of birds present is immense. But not all of them are suitable to live with humans, either because of their size, habits, or condition.

When it comes to owning a pet bird, always make sure that it is not at risk to avoid contributing to the illegal trade. So you would like to know which domestic birds can live in our home? Discover the most popular and recommended ones by student pets.

1. Canary


The canary, or Serinus canaria domestica, is a songbird par excellence, domesticated for centuries. It is a very intelligent bird, capable of learning different rhythms as long as it listens to them repeatedly. The diet of canaries is varied and based mainly on animal feed and birdseed, but also includes some vegetables such as green cabbage, carrots or broccoli. personality, so it is recommended to provide a comfortable and spacious space with a nest to which they can retreat if necessary.


The canary is one of the most popular pet birds to have in your home, but we must point out that the cold climates are somewhat detrimental, as it is a tropical climate bird.

2. Parrot

Psittacoidea, parrots of the genus Amazona, are probably the most popular exotic pet birds in some countries, not only for their beautiful plumage, but also for their intelligence and their ability to imitate sounds. Their diet is omnivorous and their main source of food is fruits and seeds, but they also enjoy all kinds of insects and even meat. In addition, their sociable and loving personality is very attractive to many.

They are also called Laurels and Jeruses. They need a very spacious cage, but it should also be noted that these pet birds need to be able to fly freely around the house for most of the day, which prevents many behavioral problems, many of which are related to stress and crowding. They are very intelligent animals that can learn various tricks and even words and become a talking parrot. They are recommended for owners with experience in owning these animals, as they are usually very talkative and in most cases require training by an experienced owner.

3. Cockatiel

The Nymphicus hollandicus is a very exotic bird that belongs to the cockatoo family. It is a very affectionate animal with its human companions and they are also very intelligent. Their plumage is striking, with vivid tones, and most have a gray or white body accompanied by a yellow crest, like the head, and small reddish spots under the eyes and beak. Keeping a cockatiel in an apartment is ideal.

These pet birds love to have fun, so it is very important to have all kinds of toys that they can use, they also love to sing. During the day they love to roam freely around the house, but at bedtime they need to be kept in a covered cage with plenty of space, because they are very shy. Their diet consists mainly of bird droppings, fruits, forage, and also vegetables.

4. Agapornis

The Agaponis is known for being a loyal bird, both to its mate and to its human companions, which is why it received the name “inseparable”. He has an affectionate personality and is always eager to be by your side, whether it’s for playing, snuggling or kissing, he is a highly recommended pet bird if you have children at home.

This pet bird is, however, not suitable if you are looking for quiet birds, as agapornis are particularly talkative and require constant attention. Agapornis can go through a somewhat troublesome adolescence, as they tend to be constantly fussy around your side.

Their diet is mainly based on seeds, vegetables, fruits and it is also absolutely necessary that they spend some time in the sun for the vitamins it provides. Environmental enrichment, i.e. the factors that improve the animals’ lives are especially important in this species of birds, which need toys for the lovebirds to have fun and socialize to be happier.

5. Cockatoo

The Cockatoo comes from Australia and Asia. In the animal kingdom, it is easily recognized by its huge crest and rounded beak. Its colors are mainly: white and gray cockatoo. What you need to take into consideration when adopting a cockatoo is attention, as they are very sociable birds and love contact with people or other birds of their species. Remember that cockatoos become depressed if they spend too much time alone.

Once they feel comfortable, they will try to interact, either by biting you with their beak affectionately, imitating your voice, and even settling on your shoulder. In addition, they are great fun because they love to whistle, hum songs, and even dance! They just need a little rhythm and you will see their movements. As for food, they eat fruits, especially peaches, apples, pears, and others.

The cockatoo is a bird recommended for people with experience with large birds and for this reason is not a suitable pet bird for children. It is also not a bird that should be kept in a cage all day, as it needs socialization and to be free to fly around the house most of the day.

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