How do you gain a dog’s trust?

How you can gain the trust of a dog, find out how this can be possible


What do you do to get the dog to like you? How can you approach a dog? Humans and dogs have always had a strong, cooperative relationship with each other.

While discipline has historically been a very important part of the relationship between humans and dogs, at Student Pets we recognize that the initial bonds between these two species are based on trust between the two.


This is why we have put together a compilation of useful advice on how to gain a dog’s trust.


Each dog has some individual characteristics, and although there are breeds that are genetically more predisposed to socializing and others that are more nervous, what defines their personality the most are their experiences.

The bad experiences of an abused or abandoned dog can make it particularly anxious and suspicious. To help you solve this problem, we’ve prepared a series of tips on how to gain a dog’s trust. Read on.

Stay Calm and Don’t Be Blunt

How do you gain a dog's trust?
How do you gain a dog’s trust? –

How do you gain a dog’s trust? To convince the animal that you are not a threat, it is best not to see him as an enemy. This is why you should not provoke fear, and this is achieved with calm and patience.

Playing games with him that do not generate excitement to encourage him to approach you and not force him to do so is fundamental.

If you are in the house or in fenced areas, you should let the dog go and not grab him by the neck to prevent him from running away. This way he will see that he can run away if necessary and gradually stop trying.

If you want a dog to trust you, don’t hug him. The hug is for us a demonstration of affection, for them it is a great oppression. They feel they cannot move and it is a strong invasion of their space.

Positive reinforcement to gain a dog’s trust

How do you gain a dog's trust?
How do you gain a dog’s trust? –

The 3 vital functions that define living things are: relationships, nutrition and also reproduction. Nutrition is what we can use the most in this case, as it is a necessity that keeps dogs constantly on their toes.

So if you don’t know how to gain a dog’s trust, it is a need that you can use to your advantage.

Leaving food waiting on the floor will result in eating. Gradually, you should let the food come closer to you until he takes the food in your hand.

You don’t have to force it; you should do it gradually to reward his efforts. In this way, the animal will associate you with a positive stimulus and you will succeed in gaining the pet’s trust.

Play with him often

Play is one of the things that most connects and strengthens the relationships between dogs and humans. Nothing is written about play, and everyone develops their own tricks with their dog.

Learning new tricks keeps your dog’s brain active and significantly increases his self-esteem.

We hope these tips are useful to you. Remember that the most important thing in gaining a dog’s trust is to not seem like a threat to him. Therefore, it is best to be patient and spend several hours in his company.

You may also be interested in these dog socialization tips, because once the bond is formed, the next step is to build closer relationships with other animals and people.

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