07 biggest cute and adorable cat breeds in the world

See the 07 greatest cute and adorable cat breeds in the world


Here you will see the 10 of the cutest and most adorable cat breeds that are good companions.

They are quite independent and also love a 16-hour nap, but whatever their nature, cats are an animal that continues to be much loved around the world. And as many owners over the years have attested, it’s pretty easy to become obsessed when you’re in the company of these cute creatures!


The average cat owner is reported to own at least 2 cats – although I’m sure you can meet others with way more.


And while it’s true – all cats are beautiful – if you’re looking for a bigger cat to take care of, there are several available for adoption that will suit your needs.

So if you want to add a new furry friend to your home, these are the biggest cat breeds in the world, bold and pretty cute.

Turkish van

This breed comes from the Turkish mountains, the van is considered a luxury cat. These cats can grow up to 20 kilos, although they are very playful and active – they even enjoy diving in the water!


The Ocicat can grow a lot up to 15kg, these beautiful domestic kittens are the direct descendants of the Siamese cat breed and they love playing and lots of affection.


The Burmese is a very affectionate cat breed, they make a fabulous family pet. A large cat, they can weigh up to 15 pounds.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian forest cat is a very strong, large and very powerful cat that can grow up to 20 pounds. This breed of cat has a great ability to climb and is very sociable, and they need cat trees and other items to keep them well stimulated.


The male of the chartreux breed can grow up to 16 pounds, although the female of this chartreux breed is usually around 9 pounds. They love to bond with a family member in a private way.

Scottish Fold

This breed comes from our own wonderful country, the Scottish Fold cat breed can weigh up to 14 pounds. And unfortunately, this breed can develop arthritis in their tails early on because of genetic abnormalities. They are quite cuddly, however, due to this very painful condition, they tend to avoid snuggling due to the pain. Please be aware if you are adopting a Scottish fold.

Rag doll

This breed, both male and female Ragdolls can grow to an amazing 20 pounds! However, this cuddly and very intelligent cat breed is a very classic breed of domestic cat that will often lie down in your arms.

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