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So as much as you love your pets, is it a good idea to let them sleep in your bed instead of in their own bed?

As if letting your pets sleep in bed with you isn’t tempting enough, the animals seem pretty sure they know what to do to convince you – scowling eyes and all.


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Pets love to be with their owners and, especially at night, they love to cuddle. Some people love to sleep with their pets, but many people choose to let their pets sleep in their own crates or other beds. But how can sleeping with your pets affect your sleep?

Just like newborns, pets can wake you up and also disturb you at night. If you already have pets or are thinking about having one in the future, think twice about your sleeping arrangements, as over time this can affect how rested you feel. Ultimately, it’s a pretty personal choice, but if you’re looking for good tips on why people choose to sleep with pets (or not), you should read on.

The cons of sleeping with pets in your bed

Dandruff and allergies

If you suffer from allergies, think twice before letting your pets like dogs or cats sleep in your bed. Dr Kunjana Mavunda, who is a pediatric pulmonologist, is warning us that animal hair can actually cause some allergies in humans, even if they sleep together. So even if a person isn’t allergic to pet hair, it’s a great idea to get a mattress that has a special padding and also a zippered pillowcase if you plan on sleeping with your pet, says Mavunda. This will help you keep your mattress and pillow clean and prevent dandruff.

Sleep disturbance

Many pets are much more active at night, which can wake you up and disrupt your sleep. If you’ve ever raised a puppy, you’re all too familiar with this reality of being woken up many times during the night to go to your bathroom (or simply because your puppy is a little bored). Although dogs tend to sleep much better when they are a little older, there is still an argument that they interfere with sleep.

Although it is quite normal for your sleep to be interrupted from time to time, as continuous disturbances can lead to bigger problems, such as not being able to go back to sleep or even staying asleep, or restlessness during the night when you need deep sleep. and very consistent.

So, if you always find your pets waking you up at night when they sleep with you, you might want to reconsider sleeping with pets if they are preventing you from getting rest.

And what are the potential benefits of having pets sleeping with you?

If your pet isn’t disturbing your sleep and it doesn’t wake you up at night, then you can argue that there are several benefits to letting your pet sleep with you. As many people love their pets and feel very comfortable with them, they may even sleep much better when they are together.

Some research has confirmed this, showing that people who sleep with their pets report not bothering to sleep, and other single people report that their pets help them sleep much better.

So, if you still have doubts about whether to let your pets sleep with you or not, you should remember that it’s a very personal choice. Think through the possible pros and cons for you and choose the best option that will help you sleep better, because sleep is very important for your overall health – both for you and your pet.

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