Why does my cat shed so much hair? Causes and Solutions

Learn what causes and solutions to prevent your cat from shedding


It’s no secret that cats shed hair. But why is it happening? In general, the most common causes are a change in coat, poor nutrition, external parasites, skin diseases or stress. If hair loss is in your nature, there are several measures you can take to avoid a house full of dead hair. But if the problem is health related, you need to consult a veterinarian urgently.

Here at Student Pets, we know that finding out what’s going on with your dog’s coat is more than just cleaning recommendations – it’s important enough for the cat and why its fur falls out so easily. Why does the cat shed so much hair anyway? In this article we present the most common causes and also some tips on how to prevent it.

Why does my cat shed so much hair?

Why does my cat shed so much hair? Causes and Solutions
Why does my cat shed so much hair? Causes and Solutions – Flickr

Before thinking of various ways to clean your house, it’s very important to understand why you come across a cat that shed so much hair. Well, it is normal for a cat to shed a little, because this means that it is losing its fur, so the fur that you see all over your house is the dead fur that has fallen out. The shedding is necessary to keep the coat healthy and also shiny.


However, excessive shedding can mean that there is a problem. It is possible, for example, that the cat has fleas or ticks and that the itching caused by the bite of these parasites makes him scratch violently and eventually pull out whole clumps of fur.

Another reason is improper feeding . Poor quality wet or dry food not only affects the health of the kitten, as it does not provide all the nutrients he needs and contains harmful ingredients, but also affects the appearance and maintenance of his coat.

Skin diseases

Most skin diseases in cats lead to abnormal hair loss, so this is one of the main symptoms. The most common diseases in cats are:

Scabies -Depending on the type of scabies, there may be widespread hair loss or hairless areas on certain parts of the body.
Dermatitis -This disease is accompanied by itching and, depending on the type of dermatitis, flaking or drying of the cat’s skin.
Fungus – This presents with hairless circles in certain areas of the animal’s body.
Allergy – Depending on the allergy, your cat may have hair loss, inflammation, also itchy eyes and nose, coughing or sneezing.

As mentioned, localized or generalized hair loss is often accompanied by intense itching, inflammation, rashes and even sores caused by excessive itchy exposure. If you suspect that the cause of a cat’s hair loss is a skin condition, don’t hesitate to consult your veterinarian to help identify the condition and also determine treatment.

Stress and anxiety

Why does my cat shed so much hair? Causes and Solutions
Why does my cat shed so much hair? Causes and Solutions –

Just like us humans, stress and also anxiety are other reasons why a cat loses so much hair. In addition to this symptom, the cat can become quite hyperactive, a bit aggressive, apathetic, and also without appetite. What can cause a lot of stress? Spending long hours alone at home, changes in routine, visits from strangers, loud noises, and several others.

How can we avoid having a cat that sheds too much hair?

Once you’ve found out why your cat sheds so much hair, it’s time to start looking for solutions to this problem that affects you and your cat. If the cause is related to a health problem, the solution is quite clear: see a veterinarian. If it is simply a matter of hair loss, stress or insufficient nutrition, we offer the following recommendations:

  • Brush your pet’s coat weekly.
  • Buy a metal comb that has fine teeth for brushing.
  • Treat fleas or ticks immediately.
  • Offer the kitten food that is of good quality.
  • Buy a good vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the stressor.

What breed of cat doesn’t shed?

Many people considering adopting a kitten wonder if there are cat breeds that do not shed. The truth is that due to the nature of cats, they all shed hair, some more than others. Even cats that are known to be hairless actually do, albeit in a thinner, shorter, and barely noticeable coat.

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