What does it take to have a duck as a pet?

We know that ducks are pretty fun , but do you know what it takes to take care of one?


Ducks are very sociable and are a great choice for anyone who wants another pet, but they do need a lot of care and attention.

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While owning ducks may seem like a very different and even unusual idea of ​​what pets can be, it can be quite engaging and fun. Anatidae, which naturally include waterfowl like swans and geese in addition to ducks, are very sociable birds that love and need to be together.


Ducks are very intelligent and emotional animals. Although many are used to seeing these birds only in parks, where it is usually forbidden to feed them or have large interactions, they are easily adapted to life as pets and can not only go by the name given to them, but also learn tricks. and playing with toys, even to pick up an item and return it to the tutor.

Walk with the duck

People who live in less urbanized areas and have ducks as pets can take the animal for a walk even if they are loose – the bird can walk next to the owner or even fly. But depending on the location, it can be dangerous and – as unusual as it may seem – it is possible to buy collars to walk the bird, as long as he is used to it and does not feel scared and anxious about the interaction.

Where the duck should live

Ducks are animals that value hygiene and, in nature, spend a good part of the day cleaning themselves and cleaning the environment in which they live. Therefore, the owner must always be ready to always clean the place where the duck spends most of the time and perform general hygiene at least every 2 weeks.

Ducks must have a shelter to protect themselves from the weather like the sun, rain and wind. The size of the space varies depending on the size of the animal and how many birds the owner has. Kennels large enough for the birds can be used, taking into account that they only serve as shelter if they wish to and are not trapped in them.

The entrance to the house must be protected from the wind. It can be isolated, but it’s not that necessary. If it’s too cold, the door can be closed, which also helps protect against predators – like cats and dogs or even other birds.

To keep it comfortable and warm, the house should be lined with clean straw or wood chips that will eventually be replaced. If the tutor lives in an open environment, it may be necessary to use a fence at ground level at least one meter high, which can be made of nylon or wire used in chicken coops. If the yard is fully fenced, the owner can simply let the animals roam freely.

When the birds’ swimming environment is a pool, it’s important that they have a place to get in and out safely – they need a small ramp – and the water can’t get too dirty.

Ducks are very social and need company, they should never be left alone for long periods of time. So if you are thinking of having a duck as a pet, the owner should be prepared to have at least two.

Living in an apartment is not the best option. As much as they can adapt to the environment, ducks need outdoor and open environments to live completely happily. Preferably in places where they have free access to water to swim in, even if it’s a reasonably sized plastic pool.

Food care

The cost of feeding a duck is usually not high as they have a very good diet of vegetables, seeds, grains, small insects and some fish. Special rations can also be purchased, but with caution, as the rations given to farm ducks are made with the intention of fattening the animals, which can cause many health problems.

An adult duck consumes between 150 and 200 grams of feed per day, depending on the species, age or sex.

The owner must offer the same ration that he consumes, but without the spices. Then, as part of the snack, you can also cut the bread and dough into very small pieces. Remember that all food provided must always be fresh and clean.

In addition to containing clean, fresh water, duck drinkers should be relatively deep, as ducks must dip their beaks into the water to drink.

Male or female?

When birds are very small, it is very difficult to determine whether it is male or female, since larger birds can be identified by color or voice, as males are a little hoarse than females.

Other details, such as: the color depends a lot on the bird species. One thing’s for sure, if it starts laying eggs, it’s a female.

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