What is the smartest pet? See now!

Do you know what the smartest pet is? if not, read this article and find out.


What is the smartest pet?See now!, After reading this article, you will find out which pet is the smartest, or at least the one for which we have accurate data in this regard. Each animal has its different abilities, so we assume they all have some level of intelligence.

Some people say it’s cats, others say dogs get all the honors. In the following article, we will try to clarify which pet is the smartest. Don’t miss out!

The smartest pet is…


Before we answer this question to find out which pet gets the smartest award, let’s define what we mean by intelligence.


A pet can be more or less intelligent depending on the stimuli or training it receives, but there is another genetic factor of the breed or species that plays an important role. That’s why they say it is necessary to emphasize the skills of pets from a young age.

Now it’s time to find out which pet is the smartest, or at least which are the smartest animals:


One way to measure dogs’ intelligence is to teach them different tricks or specific responses to commands. Dogs are said to have the intellectual abilities of a two or three year old and therefore can learn the meaning of different words.

Although the dog has been with man for centuries, ever since the wolf was domesticated, its intelligence has not been extensively researched. One of the few studies on the subject was done by a psychology professor named Stanley Coren, who published a book talking about canine intelligence.

In the book he identifies the most intelligent races that were able to understand commands in less than five repetitions or even obey the first command. The 5 most intelligent dogs make up the breeds: Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Poodle, German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher.


Cats are said to be the smartest pets because they always seem to be up to something. This is due to his great powers of observation and his innate curiosity. These animals can even pretend to sleep or not move for hours while watching potential prey such as birds, mice or insects.

Some claim that cats can understand as well as reason and therefore when you talk to them they look us in the eye. Not all races have the same abilities, as some are smarter than others. We can highlight three: the Manx (known for not having a tail due to a genetic mutation), Angora (originally from Turkey) and the American Wirehair (with mustache and curly hair)


Birds are very intelligent animals, but in the case of the parrot, we were quite impressed by its ability to speak and repeat words as if it were a human being. And many of them sing in different languages!

And that’s not all, because they have the ability to manipulate and use certain tools between their claws or their beak, or even distinguish terms like big-small. Some parrots can even perform simple math operations.


Rodents are very agile animals and their behavior and abilities have been studied extensively. Albert Einstein claimed that if they were bigger, they would rule the world.

Considering that rat and mouse colonies are highly organized and make simple decisions in a short time, we cannot agree with this statement of the most important German physical dispute and best known worldwide.

But going back to hamsters, anyone who has one of them as a pet knows that they are very intelligent animals, capable of locomotion, protection to look for or get out of a maze in the record of time.

If we consider squirrels as pets, they can also be in this ranking of the smartest pets. They are known for their resourcefulness in protecting food and family members, and for being constantly alert due to their observation skills and quick vision.

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