Can you hold a puppy in your lap?

Can you hold your puppy in your lap?


Puppies are very irresistible creatures! They are cuddly, beautiful, soft, and smell like milk. Even adults feel like holding them all day long and maybe even sleeping with these cuties! But is this possible? Won’t it harm your puppy’s development?

Then in this student pets article we will answer a very common question among guardians: Can you hold a puppy on your lap? Holding them too often can lead to acceptance problems on the mother’s side. The bitch recognizes puppies by their scent, which can change if the puppy stays too long in contact with people. Ideally, the puppy should stay with its mother until it gets a little older.


So, what is the ideal age to start taking a puppy on your lap? What is the best way to keep a puppy? If you want to know more about this, read on!

Can you hold a puppy? At what age?

Can you hold a puppy in your lap?
Can you hold a puppy in your lap? –

The high neonatal mortality rate described in dogs demonstrates the level of fragility observed during this period of life, with multiple adaptations occurring along with the development of vital functions that are extremely important for post-natal survival. In this early stage, the puppy has little defense against various types of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms and is very susceptible to disease.

In addition, the puppy has a characteristic smell that is recognized by the mother and when switched, can lead to rejection. If the puppy is left on people’s laps for any length of time, it may smell different from what the mother is familiar with, causing her not to let it suckle or be placed in the litter.

Because of this risk, it is best not to pick up puppies until they are a month or more old, as you will need to pick them up when the bed or crate is being cleaned or in extreme emergencies.

How do you pick up a puppy?

Can you hold a puppy in your lap?
Can you hold a puppy in your lap? – Pixabay

A puppy has a very fragile body, so you need to handle him very carefully. Therefore, after the first month of life, you can hold the puppy in your arms following these recommendations:

-He should be held firmly, supporting his hind legs with your hand, which will give him more security and also comfort;
-The puppy should be lifted very slowly to avoid jolts.
-Never lift the puppies by their paws, as this can cause various fractures in the shoulders or arms.
-The head should be supported well if it doesn’t yet support very well.
-If the person interested in picking up the puppy is a child, it is best to ask the child to remain seated so that there is no risk of dropping the puppy.
-It is not recommended to lift the skin of the puppy near the back of the neck, as this can injure the skin and cause pain to the dog.

Can a newborn puppy sunbathe?

Newborn puppies should not be exposed to the sun, as they do not yet effectively control their body temperature and do not have the mobility to leave the sun exposure zone in case of indisposition.

Just after 3 to 4 weeks of life, puppies now take sunbathing, but only for short periods (10 to 15 minutes) and in periods of mild sunshine (until 9 am and after 5 pm).

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