Types of elegant pet grooming – and the benefits for the pet

See what types of grooming for your pet and also the benefits !


Types of elegant pet grooming, nothing is better for a pet’s health than good hygiene. It makes pets look more charming and helps in warmer climates, since it eliminates excess hair. What not all guardians know is that there are several types of clipping.

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With this in mind, we have prepared some information about which types of clipping are suitable for different breeds and situations. The owner can combine an aesthetic style of personal taste with a cut that will bring many benefits to the health of your pet.

Pet grooming health benefits


The main benefit of regular bathing and grooming is the well-being of pets, especially during the warmer times of the year. The trimmed coat prevents bad odor caused by dirt accumulation, especially in areas such as paws and ears.

In addition, it helps a lot in combating skin diseases that can lead to constant itching and, eventually, injuries to the animal. This cleaning should be done daily to show the animal that you care about its happiness, comfort, and safety.

Specialized grooming materials

To ensure that the incision is correct and painless, professionals use special materials. One of the most common is the grooming machine, which is intended for use on pets to trim and smooth the coat. It is best suited for medium and short coats or more radical cuts that require the removal of difficult knots.

Another type is scissors. With these you can prevent your pet from touching the sound of the machine, which can frighten him. This cut does not alter the structure of the hair, gives a delicate finish, and allows the professional who masters the technique to create different styles. It is recommended for long and medium hair.

Types of clipping

Now that you understand how good grooming can help your pet and which materials are necessary for this, it is time to learn about the types of grooming.

Baby grooming

This clipping is named after the appearance of puppies and gives the pet a cuddly look. It works best on small dogs with longer coats, such as Poodles and Lhasa Apso.

Usually, the power cut allows for a very thin coat, two or three fingers long. This cools the animal and prevents the hair from tangling, making it easier to brush and also preventing dirt from accumulating.

Hygienic grooming

This is one of the most democratic grooming methods, as it suits all pets. The main characteristic is to clean the places where more hair grows and more dirt accumulates, such as: private parts and paws. Normally, besides the bath and grooming, the nails are trimmed.

The key to this grooming is regularity, because frequency prevents diseases and helps keep the pets’ grooming routine up to date. It is a legal requirement that the bath is performed at least once a month.

Breed grooming

If the owner’s goal is to maintain the original style of the pet, this is the ideal choice. It can capture the main characteristics that make this breed famous. Because it is a very unique style, it can protect the most sensitive areas of each breed.

To perform this type of clipping it is necessary to look for a professional who knows well the specifications of each breed and who has been trained for this cut .

Lion clipping

Very sophisticated and elegant, and is extremely popular with some breeds, such as the poodle. It is a technique in which some points on the body keep the hair even more stylized.

This trimmer removes hair from the body and muzzle, and the charming details are the ones on the torso and tail, and the pom-poms on the paw. It’s great for refreshing your pet and making him look really stylish.

Double Coated Dogs: A Special Case

Several breeds have what is called a double coat. This is the presence of two coats, one more visible and softer looking, and the other closer to the skin.

This coat takes a long time to grow, so it is necessary that the shearing be more subtle, because the lack of hair exposes the puppy to much colder and hotter temperatures.

Always take your pet to a professional groomer!

Grooming is a delicate process and should only be done by people who know the right way not to hurt or scare the pet. It is important that the guardian always takes the pet to experienced professionals.

A specialized person can explain what is the most appropriate care for the pet, knowing deeply the breeds and their sensitive areas on the spot at the time of cutting.

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