Playful Pets – 7 breeds that can’t miss the fun

Check out the best pet breeds that will make your home a joy!


Playful Pets, ball chasing, jumping, and lots of fun: while most puppies love this kind of interaction with their owners, there are some playful dog breeds that enjoy a good time even more.

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Would you like to meet some of them? Then check out the list we’ve prepared of some furry animals that are always ready for play and lots of fun. If you are willing to put in a lot of energy, read on!

West Highland White Terrier


Lovely pet face, affectionate, companionable, and not at all quiet. The West Highland White Terrier is one of those playful dogs that never misses an opportunity to let off a lot of steam. Because of this, and because it is always alert, it is an excellent companion for children.

As it has a lot of energy, it is recommended that you be ready to exercise your little friend whenever you are in the mood for an Adoption decide a dog of this breed. Otherwise, you run a serious risk of losing some furniture or having your yard dug up by the furry ones. They get bored quickly if they don’t expend energy.


That smart, furry face does not deceive you! The Papillon is a very intelligent and active puppy that is always looking for some playtime, whether it is digging, finding toys, running or jumping. Therefore, only consider having a four-legged friend of this breed if you are willing to exercise most of the day.

He is also a great athlete: he is not only on the list of playful dogs Papillon is also very good at sports and usually shows joy in doing so. But if you can’t sign your puppy up for such activity, be prepared for long walks and games at home, he will love it.

Portuguese Water Dog

Don’t be fooled by the needy face of this breed: extremely active and always ready for play, especially water play, they live up to their name. So if you have a pool at home and a friend of this breed, get ready to have a puppy that will have a lot of fun in it.

Despite being fun-loving and very affectionate, the Portuguese Water Dog can be a bit stubborn, especially with small children. But he is also very intelligent, which makes it easy to train if he wants a more obedient furry friend.


This furry fellow doesn’t hide all the energy he has to spare. Always alert, the Beagle doesn’t need to be mischievous, especially when he has company willing to accompany his cheerful and quiet pace, such as a child or another small animal.

Beagle dogs are not only playful dogs, but loyal companions and also very intelligent and courageous. This is why they go out of their way to protect those they love. Remember that to repay all the love and affection they have for their guardian, you must have time available to stimulate your little friend with exercise.


The Dalmatian is a giant that has a lot of energy for mischief. You even need dog trainers who are willing to encourage the puppy to do physical activity or they can become bored quickly or even develop an illness.

Because they are playful and very outgoing dogs, a tip is that the Dalmatian has a four-legged friend too, so they have a lot of fun together. So if you have the opportunity to adopt a little friend for your fur, don’t miss the chance. He’s sure to love it.

Australian Shepherd

Playful and highly intelligent, the Australian Shepherd is a breed that loves an activity that involves expending physical and mental energy. Some opportunities for activity with your four-legged friend include finding toys, running through obstacles, and other exercises that stimulate his thinking.

Other activities for the Australian Shepherd include teaching your puppy to obey. They not only have the opportunity to teach him various tricks and other commands, but also stimulate his furry mind. He will love these games.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever could not be missing from the list of playful dogs. He is always so lively that he is clumsy and causes havoc wherever he goes. This giant is also very affectionate and is a great companion for children.

The Golden Retriever is a breed that needs room to play, as it has a lot of energy. Otherwise, it can get bored and cause some situations that will not make you very happy, such as digging up your garden or breaking several objects, unintentionally.

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