How long does a rabbit live as a pet?

Find out now how many years a rabbit can live as a pet

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The rabbit is gaining space in the pet world thanks to its cuteness and beauty. However, despite their popularity, there are still many questions about them. And how many years can a rabbit live? is a common question among new owners.

After all, pets deserve the best, and several factors can affect their lifespan. If you want to know how many years a pet rabbit can live, read on! We have prepared a guide with answers on the subject.

Understanding Rabbit Life Expectancy


To answer the question how many years does a rabbit live? We need to explain a few points. This is because rabbits live a very different life at home than in the wild. In addition, the process of domestication changes some characteristics of the pet.


These facts together change the life expectancy of a rabbit drastically. To give you an idea: in the wild, the big-eared animal lives on average only about two years. And at home, it usually stays much longer, to make your family happy!

But after all, how many years can a rabbit live?

Several factors can affect the life span of rabbits. With the comfort and care of a home, studies show that the large rabbit can live an average of 8 to 12 years.

It is very important to remember, however, that this number is general and does not apply to all rabbits. Each pet has its own personality and characteristics. Bunny Mick, for example, turned 16 years old in February, making him the oldest rabbit in the world!

If you love rabbits and want to know more curiosities about them, watch this video below.

7 Tips on how to properly care for a rabbit at home!

Can breeds influence the life expectancy of rabbits?

Probably everyone who is a rabbit fan already knows that there are several types of rabbit breeds. Each one has a different size, coat and even personality based on certain genetic traits.

But according to experts, these factors do not change how many years a rabbit lives. In fact, other points are far more important when it comes to analyzing hearing well-being, such as a healthy daily routine and a loving home.

How you can contribute to the quality of life of rabbits

If you are concerned about a rabbit’s age, there are a few things to consider. With a few basic settings, you can help the fur nose a better quality of life. So to that end, here are some recommendations that can help extend the life span of rabbits.


It is customary to leave the rabbit in its cage at least part of the day. However, a comfortable home is very important for well-being. It is no different for rabbits. Therefore provide a very large and comfortable cage with everything they need.


The rabbit is well known for being a good eater! Therefore, many teachers believe that its diet should be carrots and other favorite snacks.

However, feeding the rabbit is much more delicate and can affect the life expectancy of rabbits. This animal needs specific nutrients, which it gets from its own rations, prepared by experts with everything the animal needs to live well and healthy.

Activities and Games

The rabbit is a very active pet.With jumping around and playing lots of games, it is quite difficult to find a rabbit sitting still. Therefore, they need stimulation to spend energy. Therefore, provide moments of fun and give your pet some toys for entertainment.

Visits to the vet

Regular visits to the vet are part of any pet’s healthy routine. This also applies to your rabbit! In modern and well-equipped clinics, it is possible to find several professionals who specialize in wild pets.

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