Can I keep a ferret as a pet? Find out now!

Is a ferret a good pet? What care do I have to take with them?

Can I keep a ferret as a pet? Find out now!
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The Ferret, can adapt well to domestic life and is characterized by its great activity and its endless curiosity. That is why it is very important to be careful when breeding a ferret.

Being an exotic pet, very curious and also very playful, the ferret has been domesticated for a long time and if you raise it early on, it will adopt domestic habits and become an extra member of your family.


As he is very active and curious, it is necessary to take some basic care and precautions. We must not let him out of our sight or expose him to potentially dangerous situations. Therefore, it is necessary to keep his boxes and drawers well closed, leaving toxic elements out of his reach.

What are the basic precautions?

Your home


For the best quality of life for your small animal, the ideal is to buy a very large cage, if possible with a soft bottom. Think that he has the habit of digging, so his place should contain something that allows this activity.

If your cage has separate areas for its daytime activity and resting – make sure it is closed and without lights – even better.

Pay attention to cleanliness

The ferret is an animal that usually smells bad, since it is not as hygienic as other animals. Therefore, it is very important to take care of its hygiene and to clean and disinfect its cage at least once a week.

One strategy to keep the cleanliness under control is to teach the ferret to make its needs a specific place, just like cats do. This takes time and patience.

What do they eat?

The ferret is a carnivorous animal and its diet is based on animal protein. Therefore, a species-specific feed or a mixture of other vitamins may be the best choice. To define the best diet it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

Definitely do not feed them raw meat, as bacteria can harm their health.

Beware of heat

This little animal is very susceptible to temperature changes, especially heat, which can cause heat stroke.

Cool down with water during the summer months and placing frozen water bottles near their cage can help your pet avoid suffering from high temperatures.

Other precautions

Physical activity is very important for these animals. It is possible to take them out of their cage for a few minutes every day, as long as you take the care mentioned above.

Handled carefully on a daily basis, the ferret is a very friendly animal and also docile, although not as obedient as a dog or cat.

If you take all this care and trim its nails regularly, as well as cleaning its ears, brushing and bathing it from time to time, the ferret makes a wonderful pet and can be a great companion.

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