What are the best pets for children?

In addition to having a good memory, pets for children can also stimulate child development. Find out which pet is best for children!


Fathers, mothers, or caregivers who had a pet as children or teenagers surely remember a very special moment when they lived together. Because between cuddles, treats and also walks around the neighborhood, a relationship of great love and camaraderie was built with lots of fun and learning.

It has been proven that pets offer many different benefits to children and make their development much healthier and easier. For both parents who have had pets in their childhood and those who have not, some questions arise about how to know the best time to adopt a pet or how to find the right pet for your family when children start asking for a pet.


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4 benefits of pets for children

Strengthening the immune system


Studies show that being around pets strengthens children’s immune barriers, thus reducing the risk of infections, dermatitis and also even asthma.

According to the researchers, this may happen because playing with, petting, and also caring for a pet trains children’s defenses to defend against dander, dust, and saliva.

Socio-emotional development

Pets for children can stimulate the development of skills such as empathy, trust, and also respect that promote social interaction and teach little ones to manage fear, insecurity, and also shame through a companionship-based relationship.

Having a pet is an invitation to unforgettable experiences of fun and joy, helping children, for example, to treat their anxiety and also children’s hyperactivity.


Caring for a pet can inspire in children a sense of responsibility to keep their pet safe, fed, and happy.

In this way, a pet for your child makes room for parents and caregivers to talk about the importance of household chores related to pet care and protection, such as watering, cleaning, and walking.

Family Moments

When a pet joins the family, no walk in the park, rainy day, or trip will ever be the same, because having a pet can make everything much more fun.

Playing and learning together with pets creates unforgettable moments in your family that will stay forever in the memories and also in the hearts of the little ones. These reminders make children’s developmental stages much brighter, fun, and easier.

Now learn about the best pets for children


Birds like ducks and birds also make great pets for children, as they encourage your little ones to get in touch with nature.

In the case of ducks and small birds that have hygienic habits and make different sounds than other animals, experts recommend raising them in houses or on farms. However, feathered friends are good as pets for children, as they love to play and have company.


Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but also great companions for children.

They are very affectionate, protective, and just like the little ones are always ready for fun games. Dogs live on average more than about 10 years, which means that these furries accompany children through many developmental stages and also help them get through them.

Before you adopt, it is very important to remember that dogs are very active animals and need to be taken care of: walking, playing, bathing, and also cleaning the area where they stay.


Cats are among the pets most recommended for children by experts, because they are very affectionate and very sociable.

As a pet, cats encourage little ones to play around the house or in the garden, and they are excellent friends for children who are shy. In addition, cats are quite independent, which is a huge inspiration for little ones learning to do their first chores on their own.

And in terms of hygiene, cats can easily adapt to the litter box as long as it is always well cleaned and sanitized.


Colorful and in various sizes, fish are animals that require much less care than dogs and cats, making them quite ideal as a first pet for children.

Taking care of a fish can also stimulate children’s creativity and observation skills, as children can create a fun aquarium with their favorite colors and objects, as well as learn the behavior and movements of the fish to be observed.

Before giving your child a fish, it is very important to do some research on how to properly change the water in your aquarium and what food is best for each type of species.


Rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs are some of the easiest pets to keep with children.

Moreover, rodents are pets that arouse the curiosity of the little ones because they behave quite differently from dogs and cats, for example. By feeding fresh vegetables and greens, rodents are also great companions to encourage your children to develop a healthy diet.

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