Find out how many years a rabbit can live

Find out agroa how long a rabbit can live as a pet


Bunnies are gaining space in the pet world for their cuteness and beauty. However, despite all the popularity, there are still several doubts about rabbits. How long can a rabbit live as a pet? It’s a very common question among first-time owners.

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After all, our animal friends deserve all the best, and other factors can greatly affect their lifespan. If you really want to know how many years a rabbit can live, then read on! We have prepared a guide with the answers on this subject.

Rabbit life expectancy


To answer this question how many years can a rabbit live as a pet, we need to explain a few points. That’s because rabbits live a very different life at home than they do in the wild. In addition, the domestication process alters several characteristics of rabbits.

These facts together can drastically alter your pet’s life expectancy. To give you an idea: in the wild, large rabbits live about two years. He usually stays at home much longer to entertain a family!

So how many years does a rabbit live?

Many factors can greatly affect the lifespan of rabbits. Studies show that with a lot of home care and comfort, larger rabbits can live about 8 to 12 years.

However, it is very important that you remember that this number is general and cannot apply to all rabbits. Each pet has its own personality and characteristics. Bunny Mick, for example, turned 16 in February, making him the oldest rabbit in the world!

Well, can races influence the life expectancy of this pet?

Most of the world who are fans of big rabbits already know that there are different breeds of rabbits. And each one has its size, coat and even character based on some genetic traits.

However, the factors do not change how many years a rabbit can live, according to experts. In fact, when analyzing the rabbit’s well-being, other points are much more important, such as a very healthy daily routine and a very loving home.

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