How long can rabbits live as pets? Understand everything about it

Understand the details of the life span of rabbits


The rabbit is a common companion animal, which is known for its affection and its sweetness, in addition to its extreme beauty. However, for those who want to adopt a rabbit, you may not find much quality information on the internet, as is the case with dog or cat trainers.

That way, it’s super normal for rabbit caregivers or future owners wondering what care is needed, what’s the best food or how long a rabbit can live. So to clear your doubts, keep reading this article from be an even better tutor.


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What does a rabbit’s lifespan depend on?


The pet rabbit is a super calm and very friendly companion that can be found in different personality types. Some rabbits can be more shy, shy and even hostile, on the other hand you will find rabbits that like a lot of affection and contact with the human.

The way you take care of your pet from an early age will have an impact that your pet has an impact on your personality, because when he has contact with caregivers who are careful, who understand his body language and treat him with sensitivity, it is much easier for them to feel safe and carefree in human interaction. This also has a very direct impact on your rabbit’s happiness, well-being and longevity.

How long does a rabbit live – How long can rabbits live as pets?

The average life span of rabbits varies greatly depending on the species, as there are about 50 different species. In rabbits, the breed of the rabbit can also affect life expectancy.

A wild rabbit can live about 2 years due to circumstances such as climate, predators and food availability. On the contrary, the life expectancy of a pet rabbit is between 6 and 8 years.

But that is not all. Something that makes the rabbit live or live less is the comfort and joy you can provide. Teaching tricks, offering good food and giving them time and affection are some of the things that can make your rabbit live much longer than these animals’ life expectancy.

Rabbits with a very healthy and happy life can live up to 10 years. Even the longest-living rabbit was about 19 years old.

Rabbit care to make it live longer

Now that you know how long a rabbit lives, it is very important to know what the most important care for this type of pet is.

The truth is, rabbits are pets that require a little more maintenance than they seem. For this reason, healthy living is the first aspect to consider. So to improve the welfare of your rabbits, you should pay close attention to the following:

Hygiene: It is very important that you take care of the hygiene of your pet and the place where you live. Failure to do so can result in parasites, depression and illness.

Vaccination: If you plan to take your rabbit to a park, it is very important that he is vaccinated. Curiosity is one of the characteristics of rabbits and you must stimulate it without taking risks.

Brush: It is essential for long-haired breeds, it is very important to always brush it to maintain healthy skin and an untangled coat.

Exercise: Morning and late afternoon are the 2 best times of day for your rabbit to exercise. In the wild, they often train constantly. You can let him out and let him run around the house and set up obstacle courses for him with tubes and with boxes.

Games: You can also play with the rabbit to encourage interaction with him and brighten his day. Do not chase him, do not play with a ball or other soft objects.

Having a rabbit as a pet does not only mean taking care of it for a while, it means having a companion with its needs and possessions, with whom we will share time and company that will mark at least 6 or 7 long years of its life.

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