How long do rats live as pets? Find out now!

Find out how long a mouse can live as a pet


Have you ever wondered how long a rat lives? In this article we will talk about the life expectancy of this rodent, both the one that lives in your home and the one that inhabits the sewers.

The lifespan of a rat can vary according to its species and habitat. Its passage through the wild is considered to be quite short. There are several exceptions, however, such as the twister rat, which can live up to 4 years with proper care.


In general, the smaller the species, the shorter the life span and the faster the metabolism. Follow along to find out more details about the lifespan of some types of rats.

How long can a mouse live?


In general, rats live from 1 to 3 years. Domestic animals have a much longer life expectancy than wild animals due to their simpler feeding and housing conditions, susceptibility to disease, and also specific care.

Even in the wild, wild mice are always in danger because they are easy prey. Because of this, their average lifespan is 1 to 2 years at most.

On the other hand, how long does a twister rat live? Charming and a great companion, the species has a much longer life span. With good care, it stays with its guardian for up to 4 years.

The development of the rats

Just like their lifespan, the development of the rat is very rapid. When they are born, they are completely dependent on their mother, because they don’t have all their senses developed, such as sight and hearing, nor are they able to walk.

They only begin to see from the third week of life. And during this time, they learn to feed themselves much more independently, without needing a mother’s support.

Unlike a wild mouse, which becomes more independent at an early age, the house mouse is much more dependent and spends more time with its family.

From the age of 6 months, this rodent can already be considered a young adult. And at one year of age it reaches maturity and enters its final stage of life.

How to care for the Twister rat

The species Rattus novergicus, which is known as Twister, has a much longer lifespan and is a wonderful family pet because of its friendliness. If you are thinking of adopting, know that interacting a lot is very important to maintain well-being and ensure a long life.

Twister is extremely intelligent! He likes to live in pairs and enjoys the company of another Twister. So it is worth noting that, to avoid unwanted reproduction, it is best to keep males and females in different cages. In addition to knowing how long a rat can live, but also to learn about other characteristics.

General care of house mice

Besides knowing how long a pet rat can live, there are many factors that you need to consider if you own one. Basic pet mouse care to keep them healthy for longer includes:

  • Taking care of their teeth: Rodents have teeth that keep growing, so they need to be worn down. Offer the hardest foods and also special feed;
  • Cleaning the cage: Clean weekly where your pet lives. This brings more well-being to your rat;
  • daily cleaning of feces and also the remains of food: remove as much as possible so as not to create an unpleasant odor in the cage;
  • balanced feeding: A balanced diet makes all the difference in the health of your rodent;
  • Veterinary Care: Whenever you need to, visit the specialist.

The rat that does not get old

It has a very different appearance, but is still cute and super charismatic: the naked mole-rat is a rodent that defies the laws of nature. How long does a mouse of this species live? Unlike other mice, it will last for many years.

The species is resistant to many types of pain and practically immune to cancer. According to studies, it does not age. The risk of death does not increase with its age. This species is very good at the age of about 30. Even with maturity, the females still have full reproductive capacity.

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