Mini pet pig: know what care your pet needs

Learn everything you need to have a mini pig


If you prefer another pet, you should meet the mini pet pig! These little pigs are very cute, also called mini pigs, they are gaining more and more fans every day thanks to their charm and charisma.

However, despite the growing popularity, there are still many doubts about small pigs. If you are thinking of adopting one of these pets, keep reading. We have prepared a guide with the main features and care for them.


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The origin of the pet mini pig


A favorite pet of some celebrities, the domestic pig has attracted a lot of attention across the world. However, its origin is still kind of unknown. Experts say these little ones are the result of artificial selection.

This term may sound pretty complicated, but it’s more common than you might think. It works like this: pigs that are born small are selected and reproduce, giving rise to pups that are naturally small.

In the 1980s, piglets were just attractions in zoos. However, thanks to their cuteness and their great personality, they soon conquered homes all over the world. Nowadays it is not difficult to have a mini pig as a pet to keep you company.

Mini pet pig: care

The pet mini pig is a very different pet. Therefore, it is necessary to be very attentive, because this little one needs very special attention. Below we separate the most important care.


Feeding is one of the most important points when it comes to pigs. This pet is very sweet-toothed and therefore needs a healthy and regular daily routine.

If not fed properly, the little one will often cry and complain until he gets his favorite meal. To avoid these problems, it is recommended to feed the well-organized mini pig 3 times a day. This type of routine provides all the nutrients for the pet and even helps to make you less anxious.

In terms of feeding, it is best to look for lighter options, as products for pigs are usually very caloric. A good alternative is rabbit feed, which is made with corn and other grains. When you want to spoil your friend with apples and carrots, which are usually good snacks.


Mini pigs are cute and plump, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need exercise! Regular exercise is very important for all pets, including mini pigs.

Lack of exercise can make pets more stressed and aggressive and increase their risk of illness. To avoid complications, encourage them to play with accessories such as balls and platforms. Going for a walk can also be a good idea, especially if your little one lives in a space without a backyard.


Despite the bad reputation, all types of pork are extremely clean and organized. They love to bathe and play with water and ideally should bathe once a week. The bath should be done with products suitable for pets and warm water to ensure the comfort and safety of the pigs.

Your skin is usually a little drier, so you need to use moisturizers regularly. You can find safe products suitable for furry animals in more specialized stores.

Mini pigs often learn to relieve themselves in a specific space, such as a litter box or a corner of the garden. However, it is highly recommended to disinfect this place frequently, as their feces have a very strong and very unpleasant odor.


Like other pets, mini pet pigs need regular veterinary care. In addition to routine check-ups, little ones need to be vaccinated and dewormed. Also, frequent nail filing is very necessary as stuffed animals do not show the natural wear and tear that occurs in farm areas for regular exercise. That’s why they grow much better in larger houses with outdoor areas.

An interesting point about pigs is that they don’t sweat. To balance the temperature, they lie down in water or mud, a practice well known as wallowing. Therefore, special care is needed on very hot days and when walking in the sun. In some cases, it is necessary to use a sunscreen for pets.

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