What are the best toys to give your rabbit?

If you are looking for the best briquettes for your rabbit, check this post before you buy any toy.


More and more people are adopting pet rabbits and with this grows the supply of products for rabbits. Finally, good environmental enrichment for the rabbit, through physical and also mental activities, contributes to a good quality of life for rabbits.

So we should make sure that we meet all their needs, both their physical and mental well-being. And yes, one of those needs, and a very important one, is games. But what kind of toys do rabbits like? What is the best toy for a rabbit? What is good for a rabbit to chew on? In this student pets article we look at the best toys for rabbits.

What to buy for a rabbit?

What are the best toys to give your rabbit?
What are the best toys to give your rabbit? –

The best toys for rabbits is just one of the accessories we should have for their arrival at home. Before adopting a rabbit, we need to do some research about the needs and lifestyle of this species. For this, it is very important to find a good veterinarian who specializes in these animals and who can advise us on everything we should do for him, such as vaccines, feeding, exams and so on.

Toys for rabbits to chew


Rabbits need to chew and we will see that they will do this with whatever they can. That is why chewing and chewing objects are among the best toys for rabbits and are essential if we don’t want them to destroy everything. We can find several types, but what we have to pay attention to is that these toys cannot contain paints or parts that are toxic for them.

Most of them are made of wood, of various types and shapes, such as sticks and vegetables. We will note that these and other appropriately sized chew toys can be played with him in a familiar way and as part of the game.

Rabbit Digging Toys

Rabbits love to dig, so it is good to prepare a container to put objects, papers or even soil deep enough for them to dig a hole in, and remember that everything will be scattered on the ground. But the fun that it provides makes it one of the best toys for rabbits.

You can also use a wooden box and make some holes in it. You can also use a piece of carpet or a small rug that the rabbit can use to practice digging in the ground.

Climbing Toys for Rabbits

What are the best toys to give your rabbit?
What are the best toys to give your rabbit? –

Climbing toy means any construction that offers the rabbit the opportunity to climb up and down with various steps. For example, a house, bed or it can be a box which we place on more than one level interspersed with for example a ramp, can become one of the best toys for rabbits as they love to climb.

Edible toys for rabbits

Mainly because of the taste when biting, we can’t forget edibles in the list of the best toys for rabbits. We will find many different models for sale, although we can also choose to simply give pieces of vegetables or fruits, depending on the advice of the veterinarian. For example, we highlight the rollers where hay can be fed.

Interactive toys for rabbits

Finally, interactive or intelligent toys are those that allow the rabbit to develop its skills, usually for a prize in the form of food. Thus, we find boards on which it must discover boxes or food dispensers with holes in which it receives prizes. As intelligence also needs to be trained, we classify it among the best toys for rabbits.

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