5 Best Pet Birds – Which one is right for you?


Choosing a pet can take some work. Among native species, there are several species to choose from, including fish, dogs, cats, hamsters, and others. For bird admirers, the difficulty of choosing does not diminish. There are several species of birds that can live in the home.

They are companions, friends, and can be great pets for the house, just choose which bird species suits you best. It can be a parakeet, a canary or even a cockatoo, it all depends on your conditions. So get to know the 5 best pet birds.



Among the different species of parakeets, the Australian parakeet is the best known. They are known by people for being small and easy to care for. He is sociable, curious, warm, and enjoys company. He has a great relationship with children and loves to play. The parakeet is a simple bird but full of love.



Who wants a bird for fun the parrot is a great option. This bird is playful and full of energy, likes to climb on the cage rails and does not stand still. Intelligent, it can learn to repeat a few words and can live up to 80 years.

Belgian Canary

The most striking thing about this bird is its song. It is perfect for those who like to listen to birds. The Belgian canary can adapt to a variety of environments, from large as outdoors and even indoor cages. It is also resistant to different temperatures. It does not require a lot of attention and does not miss playing. This bird loves the company of people and often sings.


The Cockatiel is very docile and calm either with other birds or even with people. It is a great companion for large families or singles. It has no problem being tamed and rarely pecks when young. He is generally good at recognizing people and is particularly loyal to those he cares for and trains as well as having a good relationship with children.


What is most striking about this bird is its unique beauty. There are about twenty different species, each with its own characteristics, the most popular being the white-crested and the yellow-crested. The cockatoo tends to vocalize loudly to attract attention, is intelligent, and can be easily trained. It also knows how to be affectionate, but gets irritated easily. In the freeze they can live up to 80 years.

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