Can dogs eat bananas? If yes, what is the safest way?

Find out now whether or not your dog can eat bananas!

Your dog sits below you at your table, begging for food with irresistible puppy dog ​​eyes. Maybe you accidentally fell into some pieces falling to the ground. Panic spreads. Is this food safe for your pet?

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One of the most common fruits is grapes, which are very toxic to dogs due to their tartaric acid that can cause dogs to vomit, diarrhea or even kidney failure.

Bananas are a favorite among many, but like any other fruit, they can set off alarm bells for dogs. He is sure? Are they good for dogs? Here’s what you need to know about bananas and their furry friends.

Can dogs eat bananas?

Yes, bananas are safe for puppies. While not dangerous for dogs, they should not be part of your dogs regular diet, advise Purina experts. Bananas can be used as treats in small amounts.

How many bananas can I give my dog?

Bananas are a great treat for your dogs as they are rich in potassium, vitamin B6, fiber and vitamin C. However, as with other human foods, the rule of thumb is to eat everything in moderation. Because bananas are rich in sugar, which if consumed in excess can lead to excess weight. The fiber in bananas can also cause digestive problems such as diarrhea, making them a treat that is best served once in a while.

What about banana peels, can dogs eat them?

Some of the fruit peels, such as oranges, are toxic to dogs. But this is not the case with bananas, although they can cause some discomfort because of their fiber content. You might be relieved when your dog swallows a banana peel.

Well what fruits can dogs eat?

If bananas are a treat for your dogs, what other fruits can make the list of safe fruits for your puppies? Here are the fruits that are safe for dogs.


Which fruits are toxic to your dogs?


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